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Toronto Location : 200 Finch Ave West Toronto On M2R3W4

Mississauga Location : 145 Traders Blvd East Unit#2 Mississauga On L4Z2E5

Vancouver Location : 520 Kingsway , Vancouver , BC , V5T-3J9


Rules and Regulations

*Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the class.

*No voice recorder or video camera is permitted to be used in the classes.

If Recording is done ,The individual who recorded will be asked to delete the recorded material and leave the course.

*Course location, Time and Date is subject to change with one week notice. 

*Mock Exam Time and Date is subject to change with four days notice.

Mock Exam Fee is Non-Refundable. Mock Exam cancellation deadline 2 weeks prior to Exam.

*All the students shall register prior to the start day of the course.

Course Fee

*Students should finalize their payments by the first session of the class

or will not be eligible to attend the course.

*Students can not share or transfer the registration fee.

*Students will be required to pay a separate fee for the booklets if they want a copy.



*Copying the booklets without a written permission

from AMCA Med is subject to persecution.


2017 GTA Promotion 

Group Registration discount:

Group of 2 : %10

Group of 3 : %15

Group of 4 : %18

Group of 5 : %20